Happy HallowANG!

Sort of like Halloween, but not scary.


Every legitimate holiday has its traditions.

Otherwise it would just be a bunch of weirdos playing dress-up.

When and Why
HallowANG falls on the last Saturday in April.  Why?  HallowANG was founded on the principle that HalloWEEN is so much fun, it should be twice a year.  The end of April is the halfway point between HalloWEENs, so there's symmetry.  Now remember, we have to differentiate from HalloWEEN - here's how:
1) HallowANG is always on a Saturday.  Nice!
2) HallowANG is not scary.  If it's HalloWEEN and you find yourself torn between vampire and Beyonce', go vampire for HalloWEEN; save Beyonce' for HallowANG!  Nice!

Costume Contest
A traditional HallowANG Costume Contest will produce 6 co-champions - 1 for each of the categories below.  If you can get at least 20 people together for some HallowANG celebrationizing, you should be able to cover all categories, and probably 8 or 9 people will go home with a full dose of validation and self-esteem.

                    Famous People (dead or alive)
                    Stereotypes & Occupations
                    Fictional Characters (traditional or original)

Core Values
And how to keep it real:                            
Show up early and stay late.
Your costume is thorough.

                            Dumb             Bizarre or shocking behavior happens.  Embrace it.

Tom Foolery
HallowANG celebrationizing and Tom Foolery.  Fudge brownies and milk.  You can't have one without the other.

Sober Driving
Plan ahead.  No cops, no horrific scarring of lives - not on this holiday. 

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