Happy HallowANG!

Sort of like Halloween, but not scary.

"Todd" the HallowANG Woodland Jumping Mouse
Todd is to HallowANG as the Easter Bunny is to the resurrection of Christ.  This goofball usually just putzes around the woods, sniffing the same twigs and pine needles like 89 times.  But when he gets fired up he can actually leap 6 to 8 feet from a still position (For real - look it up).  He goes into hibernation at the end of October - right after Halloween, but he snaps out of it at the end of April - just in time for his FAVORITE holiday, HallowANG!

Coincidentally, his mating season also starts in late April and lasts about a month... but Todd will tell you his sex life "maintains a fever pitch year round, and it honestly never really lets up hardly at all."

Todd represents good times - crazy times - the kind of times you can only have once, or maybe twice, a year.
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